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i feel so overwhelmed, i'll be a college students in a month and i'm still not sire if i should go to manila or stay in our province. one thing that's holding me back is that i don't know how to cook, i don't know how to commute and all those independent things and these made me think that i may not survive in the city. my dad and my family have talked to me about this, about how i should be strong and independent to get that degree. but how do i do that? all my life i have been under my loving family's wings and it's time i spread my own but how do you do that? being independent doesn't magically appear into your characteristics overnight. i'm genuinely so so scared of what is to come in the future.

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hello! i understand you and it's like getting out in your comfort zone. actually, i myself is in this stage right now wherein i have to be independent. yk, it's kind of scary at first because you're not used to it but once you slowly build up the courage that you need, you can do it already and once you have accomplished something that you haven't done before, your way of thinking will change it's like, "i did it! im sure i can do the other as well!" like that tho small steps at a time and you will get through with it. AND !! socialize, building connection is really important