I hate being alone but I'm too scared to trust anyone at all I know it's basically how the game works but it's terrifying to me I just want to have friends and good times or something All i seem to be doing is isolate myself and it's just suffocating here I wish i could move away and just do anything else that be here miserable I wanna forget about the past and move past it so fucking badly I wish i could let it, them go

Jenny plays music from her MP3 player. Christmas carols in July. Operatic voices fill the woods as robins flutter down and surround her. Jenny stops moving and stares. The robins sing. No words are spoken. Complete contentment in nature. She turns to me and plants an awkward, resolute kiss on my lips. It is only now in her teenage years that she can tolerate touch. I pull my autistic daughter to my breast and feel her love.